A highly safe and effective natural substitute for prescription pharmaceuticals for non- insulin dependent diabetes patients. An insulin sensitizer, that lowers blood sugar by increasing the muscle, fat and liver's sensitivity to insulin. 

Treatment for Type II Diabetes 

Herbal supplement with minerals

1 of only 3 approved drugs called insulin sensitizers   

Increases the body's sensitivity to insulin

Highly safe and effective

Sucanon is a breakthrough herbal-based treatment of type 2 diabetes

Helps the body make better use of its own insulin


Adult Dose

Take two pills per day, one before breakfast and one before dinner.

Not For Use

Persons < 18; pregnant or lactating; those who are insulin-dependent.

% Daily ValueProprietary Blend
12%Dried root radix Trichosanthes
41.33%Rhizoma Chuanxiang
Other Ingredients
Calcium sulphate
Magnesium stearate
FD&C Red No. 33


SUCANON is one of only several nutraceutical/OTC products approved in the world, belonging to a class of diabetic medications called insulin sensitizers. Insulin sensitizers lower blood sugar by increasing the muscle, fat and liver's sensitivity to insulin. Insulin sensitizers are blood sugar normalizing or euglycemic drugs that help return the blood sugar to the normal range without the risk of low blood sugars. SUCANON® is a medication that helps the body make better use of its own insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels. Type II Diabetics produce insulin, but their cells gradually lose the ability to absorb and use insulin, to get sugar out of the blood stream. SUCANON® transports sugar out of the blood stream and into cells where it can be burned. SUCANON® particularly helps muscle cells use insulin and thus draw sugar out of the blood stream.

SUCANON increases sensitivity to insulin which leads to  decreased blood sugar levels and a reduction of a wide range of Type II Diabetes symptoms, including: weight gain,

fatigue, excess thirst and excess urination. The reduction in blood sugar levels also reduces the possibility of peripheral nervedamage; the damage caused to peripheral nerves by chronic high blood sugar can ultimately lead to impotence in men and amputation of limbs in both men and women.

Successful clinical studies conducted in Brazil, China and Mexico have shown that SUCANON® is an effective treatment for Type-2 diabetes without the serious cardiovascular risks (heart attacks) that have been associated with other insulin sensitizers, including the leading drugs in this category - Avandia®, Actos®, and Rezulin®.  

According to Diabetes Canada, the number of Canadians living with diabetes has doubled since 2007 and 1 in 3 Canadians, or 11 million Canadians, live with diabetes or prediabetes in 2019 and the costs of treating the disease have soared from $14 billion in 2008 to just under $390 billion in 2019.

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